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Welcome to Phonetips Forum

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:50 am

Hi welcome to our forum. This forum is the official forum of The Mobile and Cell Phone Tips Blog feel free to visit the site at any time and request things to go on to the site.

So why a forum?
Well the idea of this forum is the pool knowledge and ideas that are out there. Lets be honest no one knows every trick about every phone but it's nice to try and get help where you can. I'll admit I've not got an iPhone, a Blackberry, a Pre or a Windows 7 phone to try things on but we are hoping that users of every type of phone will come and help us grow. Sadly the parent site of this has been a bit stuck recently due to a lack of knowledge on my behalf of those various other handsets, hopefully this forum will help users wanting tips with the phones I can't help with.

Who should post here?
Anyone can come here and feel free to post here. Whether you want to share some tips, ask for some help or just have a chat drop us a message and we'll see what we can do.

What isn't allowed?
Whilst we do like free speech and we are all for it, we do have some rules we hope you respect them:
Don't post questionable content-No pedophilia, no pornography, and no links to viruses as well as no homophobic or racist slurs or hate speeches.
We ask that you use English at all times
Don't post spam
Don't post slander or libel

Note: All posts can be deleted by the admin if they (I) feel they contravene any sort of decency.

If you have an issue with another member please don't ruin every thread with tit for tat arguments (or they will be deleted).

I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to visit.

Feel free to add the site on Twitter or Facebook!
Our Twitter account is @PhonesTips4U
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